Welcome Message From 2020 JCI Mauritius President

JCI Mauritius Members, 2020 started like almost every year. None of us suspected that a small invisible virus called COVID-19 would come a few weeks later and change the world. However, we will have to adapt. Not only JCI members, but everyone will have to adapt to what will be the “New Normal”. Many people are taking about post COVID-19, but who knows when this will be? We may have to learn to live with this virus for months or years.

As JCI members we have been trained to be Active Citizens and this is what is needed in these challenging times. Just imagine what we could achieve if we come together and collaborate to create positive change!

I also see JCI as a journey that every young person should go through as it teaches us to see the opportunities where others would see only challenges and empowers us to take action even in challenging times.

-2020 JCI Mauritius National President Franchette Emilien

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