2020 Messages From JCI Officers

Message From 2020 JCI Vice President Mohammad Hijazi

Message From 2020 JCI Vice President Mohammad Hijazi

All over the world, JCI members are dedicating their time to not only developing their communities but also themselves in the process. Through this dedication, members are becoming active citizens, not waiting for others to achieve their communal goals, but taking matters into their own hands to improve their communities while building strong partnerships and making great friendships along the way.

2019 marked the first year of the “Accelerating Transformation” JCI Strategic Plan that we hope to achieve by 2023. We live in a fast-paced digital era where changes are quick and attention spans are short. In 2020, we must bridge the gap between the past and the future, the traditional and the modern, baby boomers and millennials, the right and the left… We cannot stand divided and watch issues like climate change or diseases such as COVID-19, Malaria, Ebola and HIV bring havoc to the world we live in. We must take advantage of the “Peace is Possible” campaign to bring people together, to bring opinions closer, to understand different cultures, to welcome diversity.

We must also bridge the gap between all sectors of society. JCI’s mission is easier to achieve and our projects are more impactful if we partner with like-minded organizations from NGOs to governments and businesses that aim to create positive change in our community. Using the Sustainable Development Goals and the Active Citizen Framework, you have all the tools necessary to build sustainable long-term relationships with key players in your community. Sustainable relationships are the key to the continuity of your Local Organization. As we say in Lebanon, “one hand does not clap.”

“Bridging the gap” is the theme of this year. To meet the rapidly changing needs of young people, we must be willing to change. JCI carries a powerful history developed over more than 100 years. At the core of this history is young people taking responsibility for and ownership of the future. Standing here today, I ask you to bridge the gap between the future you want and the present we have.

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