Get to know 2020 JCI Vice President Mohammad Hijazi

Get to know 2020 JCI Vice President Mohammad Hijazi

Born June 11, 1989 in Saida, Lebanon, Mohammad Hijazi holds dual degrees in marketing communication and biology from the American University of Beirut and is a leading international communications consultant, trainer and digital strategist. Certified from the US State Department and Google, he consulted for international organizations including the European Union, United Nations, British Council, UK Embassies, World Economic Forum, Leo Burnett and 100+ clients across different fields and countries. His portfolio includes more than 100 events that he led or organized. Hijazi co-authored a book entitled “Contemporary Management” published by McGraw Hill and is taught at universities across the Middle East.

Hijazi joined JCI Beirut in 2014, becoming Local Director for Communications in 2015 and National Director in 2016. In 2017, he held the position of National Vice President for Recruitment and Outreach and attended the 30th JCI Academy in Kumamoto, Japan. In 2018, he served as JCI Lebanon National President. At the international level, Hijazi currently serves as 2019 JCI Skills Development Committee Member for Africa & Middle East. He has attended four Area Conferences, five World Congresses, countless National and Regional events in all four areas and have motivated more than 1,000 members worldwide! In 2019, Hijazi received JCI Senatorship #78059. At the 2019 World Congress in Estonia, Hijazi was elected as the 2020 JCI Vice President assigned to Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nigeria and Togo…

JCI has been a life-changing decision for me. The amount of opportunities I have been provided with is limitless and on so many fronts. JCI empowers its members in four areas of opportunities: Individual Development, Business Development, Community Development and International Relations. I will be sharing some highlights from each area of opportunity.
In terms of Individual Development, JCI Beirut has offered me dozens of training opportunities with top trainers from Lebanon and the world, but also at different JCI World Congresses, I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn from the life experience of Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield in 2016, the leadership strategies of Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2017, the life secrets of Indian Lifestyle Coach Gaur Gopal Das in 2018 and the spirituality and stress management skills of renowned writer Robin Sharma in 2019!
In terms of Business Development, JCI has been a great avenue for networking with like-minded business professionals from all the world. I was able to conduct training workshops for startups and professionals in Lebanon and all over Africa and the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
In terms of Community Development, JCI helped me in becoming an active citizen in my community and to teach others about becoming a responsible citizen through local projects such as “I Green Beirut” creating green spaces in my city, “Social School Yard” empowering underprivileged school children, and “So Can She” empowering preschool girls to become leaders, national projects such as “World Cleanup Day” where we gathered more than 3000 volunteers to clean our country, and international projects such as “Peace is Possible” which took me all the way to Sarawak, Malaysia for the International Peace Summit in 2017.
In terms of International Relations, JCI is the best organization in the world to network, create partnerships, and make lifelong lasting friends from every nook and cranny of the world, sometimes from countries you’ve never heard of. The highlight of my JCI travels will always remain my participation in the 30th JCI Academy in Kumamoto, Japan in 2017, where I have bonded with the 2018 National Presidents on a very deep level and have made hundreds of leader friends.
So, as you see, whatever you are looking to fulfil in your life: improving your skills, making professional advancements, creating opportunities in your communities or traveling while making amazing friends, you cannot lose by joining JCI! And I am very delighted that, thanks to President Franchette and her team, JCI Mauritius has launched its own website, so that it can be one more platform where you can connect from active citizens from all over your beautiful paradise island!

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