JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill

2020 Local Board of Directors


JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill is the local branch of the national organisation JCI Mauritius. It was founded on the 8th April 1994 with Senator Ved Nundlall as first Local President. Building local, national and international networks, we draw on the experience of JCI alumni who have succeeded in the various facets of life and who provide assistance when required. Representing countless occupations and skills, we are creative bold leaders who are developing new skills, laying new foundations and establishing new friendships and networks.
We believe in the advancement of the global community and the creation of positive change by improving ourselves and the world around us. We meet at local, national, and international events to exchange ideas and share best practices. We also learn from dynamic speakers and trainers at interesting and active seminars and presentations. We are growing personally and professionally because we are learning by doing, actively organizing projects and activities that benefit our communities and ourselves.

Active Citizen Framework Project

The case of Residence Barkly can be considered not as an area with improvement but rather as a land of opportunities if well tackled. The region is considered as one of the top 3 distributors of Drugs in Mauritius with several of the youth being affected by this issue leading to unemployment and cases of domestic violence at home affecting the children. On this note, we partnered with JCI Mauritius to implement the Neighbourhood watch project in the region of Barkly to help fight domestic violence and the situation of Drug Trafficking in the locality. To also raise awareness among the youth and set up an NGO for them with similar values as JCI, trainings on leadership and Peace were provided to them where we partnered with the Global Peace chain where we sensitised them on the importance on education and to focus on their studies. The CPU also had different talks with them on how alcohol and drugs can someday affect their career if they are ever caught and to avoid it at all costs. The tradition effective leadership course was translated and adapted to the youth to teach them on leadership and how they can be the change makers of their community and the ones to take the torch in the upcoming future when the NGO is established to begin working in Barkly.

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