2022 JCI City Plus Board Elect – Empowering the next Gen of Leaders!

Further to the JCI City Plus Extraordinary General Meeting held on Wednesday 6 October, it is an honour for me to present to you the 2022 Board of Directors elected, to serve the organisation as from January 2022:

2022 JCI City Plus Local President:  Mr. I’Doumben (Ben) Venkatakistnen

2022 JCI City Plus Local Treasurer:   Ms. Rooma Hurreram

2022 JCI City Plus Vice President [Individual Development]:  Ms. Gooshma Pauhaloo-Kissoondoyal

Under the 2022 JCI City Plus Motto Empowering the next Gen of Leaders!,  we are reminded about our Mission to empower young citizens.

Further to the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Wednesday 15 December 2021, we are glad to share that the 2022 Board will welcome 2 additional members, namely Zabeen Jareehag as Local Secretary and Vikash Beelatoo as Local Vice President Community Development.

Please join me to Congratulate the elected members on dedicating their time and commitment to take on leadership positions.

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