Emergency Response

The JCI Mauritius COVID-19 Response Committee was an initiative of JCI Mauritius to respond to the community needs in case of a calamity as mentioned in the Plan of Action put by the 2021 National President Philip Chang-Ko
In this initiative, we had all the members of the 4 different chapters who came together to respond as 1 JCI Mauritius Family. In the span of 3 months, we had more than 50 initiatives, involving more than 20 stakeholders with the support of 23 members, senators and aspiring members. Below is an extract from the report to summarise the committees and objectives.
The support and guidance of the National President Philip Chang-Ko, the National Board Members and the Local Board Members were vital to conduct such projects.
It is with immense pleasure that we are sharing with you the final reports prepared by the Committee Directors in response to confinement we all witnessed this year.

Find our Covid 19 Emergency Response Report below.

JCI Mauritius CRC Donation report (1)

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