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Biography of JCI Curepipe

Junior Chamber International Curepipe (formerly known as Jeune Chambre Economique de Curepipe) is a worldwide federation of young professionals and entrepreneurs. The organization operates on the premise that the development of individual character and personality will result in communities that are better developed and, eventually, in a more peaceful world. In Mauritius, JCI Curepipe has been present and active in various community development projects since 1984.

The Junior Chamber International Curepipe (JCI Curepipe) affiliated to JCI Mauritius is a non-profit organization regrouping young active citizens aged between 18-40 years to create sustainable positive change in the community through impactful projects.

JCI Curepipe has been present in Mauritius since 1984 and is a registered and CSR approved NGO with the National Empowerment Foundation since 2010 and bearing Accreditation Number: N/1379.