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Biography of JCI Port Louis 

Junior Chamber International Port Louis (JCI Port Louis) then known as Jeune Chambre Economique de Port Louis (JCEP) operates since 1984. Its mission is to provide the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills and social responsibility necessary to create positive change in the society. Some of our members have served at top positions within JCI. Senators Marday Venkatasamy, Arnaud Godere and Clairette Ah Hen have served as JCI Vice Presidents. Senator Arnaud Godere was also JCI Executive Vice President in 1992 and went on to reach the highest office in our organisation; he was the World President in 1994. Our flagship projects namely JCI Poverty Alleviation Program (JCI PAP) since 2007 we have been working with residents of Bois Marchand one of the underprivileged suburb of our island and JCI Business Academy (JBA) since its launching in 1997, a meeting place for open discussion where the Mauritian business world and the public in general can share ideas, search for answers and discuss about crucial day to day issues.