New Year’s Message from 2022 JCI Mauritius President Yudhish Rohee

Dear 2022 JCI Mauritius National Board Members,
Dear 2022 Local Presidents/Acting Local President,
Dear 2022 Local Board Members,
Members, Senators and Aspiring Members,

Warm Greetings

It is with great humility and honor that I am addressing you as the 2022 JCI Mauritius
National President. 2021 has been a challenging year especially with the COVID-19 pandemic whereby various restrictions were being imposed. However, JCI Mauritius members were present to respond to the prevailing situations through various impactful projects. I take this opportunity to thank the 2021 National President Philip and the team for their leadership in creating positive impacts in the society through the various projects conducted. COVID-19 is here to stay, and in 2022 we will aim to continue being the platform for developing leaders to this changing world through the JCI RISE initiatives. We will make it a priority to provide development opportunities where members, aspiring members and senators shall connect and collaborate in interesting initiatives for our organisation. In 2022, we shall be focussing on ‘sustaining for the future generations in all its aspects which are social, environmental, financial, and administrative through the different national committees and initiatives we will create. Special attention would be given to the skills & developments, membership growth/retention, and to the Local Organisations that are struggling. 2022 would be a decisive year whereby many ‘right decisions’ need to be taken over ‘good decisions’ for the smooth running of this organisation for future generations. I will look forward to having the support of everyone through consultative and dialogue sessions taking
our vision and mission into consideration. The motto of the 2022 JCI President Argenis Angulo is LEADING IS OUR DUTY. This indicates that in this one year to lead opportunity, we have to focus on instilling responsibility and a sense of duty and purpose in enterprising young leaders. make good use of our time and
make it a duty to be exemplary leaders to create positive impacts.
In 2022, we will be Unlocking Brilliance, Empowering the next Gen of Leaders, ‘Moving
Forward Together’ to contribute to LEAD-EMPOWER-IMPACT.
Let us all join hands together towards creating a sustainable impact that will bring positive and transformative changes.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2022.
May this year be the defining year where you will accelerate a positive transformation in your life, professional career, and your JCI career.

Yours in JCI Spirit,

Narotumdass Yudhish ROHEE
2022 JCI National President
JCI Mauritius
Mobile: (+230) 57048912

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